Monday, April 11, 2011

Salman's film faces the fire - times news

Salman Khan
Salman Khan
Salman Khan is angry. And this time, not with anybody from the film industry. A music channel has been running 'trade analysis' shows, questioning the market viability of his next film Ready costarring Asin.

The trade analysis report being telecast on the channel raises questions like 'Will Ready meet the expectations?' and 'Has the price of the film been exaggerated to earn more profits?' among others.

The report also underlines the fact that the producer of Ready, Bhushan Kumar's track record has not been too great in the recent past, taking examples like Karzzz, Kajra Re and Patiala House. The channel also mentions Salman and Asin's last film London Dreams that crashed at the box-office.

Bhushan's company T-Series strongly believes that the channel telecasting this trade analysis has engineered this exercise. The channel in question had to pay a huge amount of money to T-Series last year for copyright infringement.

Ajay Kapoor, Director T-Series said, "We had taken this channel to Court and they had to pay us a fine. Despite that they continued to flout rules, we again took legal action against them, the matter is freshly coming up for a hearing soon."

"We have stopped giving them software of all our songs. It's their loss," he added.

Last heard, T-Series had written to the Film & TV Producers Guild of India Limited complaining against the channel. In turn, the Business Head of the channel, Anurag Bedi, sent his reply to the Guild saying that his channel has not flouted the Copyright Act.

When contacted, Bedi told Mumbai Mirror, "Pray, why is Bhushan upset if he has already sold Ready? The distributors who have bought the film should be worried. Whatever we have stated in our trade analysis of Ready is purely factual.

T-Series has not done well as a producer on the films which we have mentioned, how can that be disputed when we are also showing the facts and figures supporting our report?"

Added Bedi, "We have not flouted any Copyright Act. T-Series wanted more, but as per the Court's order last year, we are still paying them the same money as before."

Caught between the two fighting bodies, the lead actor of the film, Salman Khan is mighty miffed. According to Kapoor, "Bhai (as Salman is fondly called in the industry) is upset. Usko pata hai kya ho raha hai. This whole negativity is really not done.

Ready is releasing on June 3. How can anybody cast doubts over its success three months before its release? Does it make any sense?"


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