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Sarathi - Kannada film Review first on net



Cast: Darshan, Sarathkumar, Deepa Sannidhi, Rangayana Raghu, Lohitashva, Sharat Lohitashva, Seetha, Bullet Prakash and others.
Music: V Harikrishna
Cinematography: Krishnakumar
Producer: KS Sathyaprakash
Direction: Dinakar Toogudeepa

The Kannada film ‘Sarathi’ has an interesting story line of father and son with worrying mother since 26 years. This has a rich backdrop. At the very young age Krishna (Darshan) is made to believe he is responsible for killing of his father the village Palegara Suryanarayana (Sarathkumar). How and why Suryanarayana is killed is explained in the second half. It is the rivalry inside the family that engulf in a big way.

In the first half we get to see Raja as an auto driver – that is none other than second half Krishna. He is the Samaritan and do good nature has earned him good position. For his brilliant thought in a police station Rukmini (Deepa Sannidhi) falls in love with him and that is reciprocated well by Raja.

darshan - sarathi 

Rukmini has a boy waiting in his family and he is the biggest tormentor indeed. At the end of the interval Rukmini goes silently with Pratap and that makes Raja to follow her. In the village where he comes the presiding deity Chamundeswari statue astonish Raja and he is confirmed the disturbing incident in his sleep has happened only at this place.

sarathi film reviews and stills

As Raja meets the Purohit he is told that he is Krishna and gets the clue of his father but he is with the allegation that he is responsible his father death. Pratap father who is actually the uncle of Krishna now takes on the eradication process. He brutally attacks Krishna and makes a mistake how is father died. From the brutal attack Krishna gets up to take the revenge.

Finally Krishna finds his mother who urges him not to kill Pratap as it would lead to his imprisonment. Like a king Krishna flourish in the end.


Dinakar as director, partly story writer and screenplay writer, younger brother of challenging star Darshan has done a tremendous screenplay that appeal to the masses. On the quality and grand production values the film ‘Sarathi’ is no less compared to other language films.

The first half gives no clue about the past of Raja and only in his sleep, negatives images points to Chamundeswari goddess. It actually prepare the audience for the second half.

The beauty of this film is the power packed performances, sterling actions, and lovely dialogues. Releasing during the Dasara festival in Karnataka – the focus laid to goddess Chamundeswari in the film is a perfect release.

The director ability and strength is completely made use for the first time. Dinakar in the past two of his films ‘Jothe Jotheyali’ and ‘Navagraha’ were different.

In Navagraha he makes the gang of nine to steal the world famous Mysore Palace crown – Golden Howdah. Here in this film he has compensated it by giving full respect to Mysore Dasara and goddess Chamundeswari. Hats of f to Dinakar for giving a full pack of entertainment for his challenging star brother Darshan.

The audience especially Darshan fans have regular interval of stunning actions, dialogues were well measured and some of the dialogues for the present scenario does not suit because the actor is in the prison on assault charges on his wife.

The film is different and personal life is different. The issue of sympathy is not kept here and as a whole the film is seen it is a pack of entertainment – the lovely songs of V Harkrishna and cinematography gives a feast at the Dasara festival time.

The screenplay is so fast and action scenes are given special attention in this film and a few places the graphic representation is high class.

In the first song Shanker Nag who is known as ‘Auto Raja’ even after 21 years of his death is brought in a graphic style. Darshan dances with Shanker Nag in the song gets maximum applaud.

The film ‘Sarathi’ is a real tribute to Shanker Nag because the film is releasing on his death anniversary – It was September 30, 1990 Shanker Nag died in a road accident.


This is the best from Darshan the box office hero of Kannada cinema. Darshan has not just concentrated on the action portions. When it comes to emotions, dialogue delivery, challenges he makes and the romantic mood of him are superb. This film is his gift to the Dasara festival.

In one of the songs where he utters dialogues and the heroine Deepa Sannidhi only lyrics of a song is a new kind of attempt in this ‘Sarathi’.

There is nothing more the fans can ask from challenging star Darshan.

Deepa Sannidhi is a good performer in her debut film. She has understood her roles and scenes very well and emoted with good standards.

Sarath Kumar makes a grand entry and his role although very short in the second half as father of Darshan is superb for his standards. He has that shine and stunning performance well conceived in the film by director Dinakar.

Rangayana Raghu, Bullet Prakash, Sharat Lohitashva, Pratap, Lohitashva are good in their roles and add to the strength of the film.


The music from V Harikrishna is in top order again. The No.1 music director gives three lovely songs – a song on Krishna with Darshan in good costumes, a duet and the opening song are good in standards.

Krishnakumar the brilliant cameraman of Kannada cinema has given his best. The Challakudi falls backdrop and Chamundeswari goddess Idol shots are worth seeing again and again.

Ravi Verma as action director done a few new tricks with auto chase. The chase of buffalos in two action blocks and another action in the forest are very good hard work from Ravi Verma that attracts the Darshan fans.

Last but not the Least: ‘Sarathi’ means driver – Darshan is in the driver seat in this kannada film. A worth watching film!


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