Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Radhika Pandit wants Aamir Khan

Radhika Pandit wants to act with Aamir Khan

Before entering the film Radhika Pandit had a dream: to become a movie and had inadvertently. Today, not only talent, but luck producer, but has a beautiful appearance. 

Talent intact, beauty god given luck is fate – Radhika Pandit knows well. She has a dream in her life to act opposite Aamir Khan one of the Badshahas of Hindi cinema.

Currently operating as ;Addhuri and Sagar; Kannada film Radhika Pandit is the result of offers and has not had time to listen to the script. Remember that three years ago, Radhika Pandit said that he was just a college going girl business studies.

 And was "Nandagokula" television series, has been sighted and was going well since4 ago. From ;Moggina manasu ; Radhika Pandit flourished and won the Film Fare Awards, and Karnataka state.

Although Radhika Pandit signed for ‘18th Cross’ the film is yet to release and the further movies like Olavina Jeevana Lekkachara, Love Guru, Gana Bajana, Krishnan Love story kept her going too good. The recent Hudugaru for a short presence she got a towering success.


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