Monday, June 13, 2011

'Modhala Minchu' Records are made

Records made for 'Modhala Minchu'
 beautiful girl that is none other than Supritha.
In the capturing of a song and one person heading many departments is for the first time in the history of Indian cinema. That is what Wesley the multifaceted personality disclosed at the media briefing on Saturday after shooting 70 percent for his film ‘Modhala Minchu’ Kannada film.

One thousand frame ultra slow motion, four and half minutes, four shots, song depicting the happiness of farmers shot in 5D camera is for the first time in ‘Modhala Minchu’. This is a record history of films that has already been informed to the Guinness Record books says Wesley, a bright and bubbling director with lot of courage and enthusiasm.

The second record in the film history from ‘Modhala Minchu’ is the multiple works in the technical side from Wesley. He is the cameraman, music director besides five other film related activities – story, screenplay, dialogues, editing and lyrics for his film ‘Modhala Minchu’.

16 years as assistant in film direction 10 years as camera assistant critically watching all Manirathnam films got Wesley this special knowledge. Showing one character in black and white and rest in color is also new thing on Kannada he says. Even the four and half minute single take shot is seen on Kannada screen in ‘Masanadha Hoovu’ but it was a lengthy scene.  Wesley has done it in the song. For four minutes, four shots song on 2000 acres of land Wesley has spent Rs.10 lakhs and for another song he has invested Rs.20 lakhs and for animation song on rats and Sadhu Kokila he has set aside Rs.40 lakhs.

Supritha represents the quality and status of 75 percent of Indian women – always in the clutches of male in life. In the film ‘Modhala Minchu’ that focuses on two messages suicide is not the answer for those who lose love and marriages are made in heaven, Abhi is the protagonist. He conducts the sister marriage and in the process falls in love with a beautiful girl that is none other than Supritha.


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