Saturday, October 23, 2010

Rakta Charitra Movie Review

Can watch again - No
Good for kids - No
Good for dates - No
Wait to rent it - Yes

Although we fully recognize the ability of Ram Gopal Varma to translate the real crime, life in a drama, and the smoothness of his taste for the presentation, his contempt for the sun and is worrying. In Rakta Charitra, the enfant terrible of Indian cinema might just be the most enduring of his research to describe the worst for man. Factionism basis of the complaint in Anantapur Paritala Ravi rise to power, the film is essentially a dissection of - not a criminal, not a ;system; - a dark, dark, dark world. We;re sure that;s how it actually is. We believe if we say it is even worse. All we have to say that the entire two hours of violent porn is probably not the best way to talk about all this. Rakta Charitra working well for prelude to hope is a real movie, Rakta Charitra 2, due out in a few weeks. As in the film, even if it is for those who do not flinch easily. In fact, those who do not flinch at all.
Vivek Oberoi plays Pratap, established on the basis of Paritala Ravi. Pratap is an ambitious young man trained in the city who are forced to go home to his city plagued faction after his father was brutally murdered in a political conspiracy unbalanced. Pratap revenge begins after he loses even his brother (Sushant Singh) for gang warfare after murdering his father. He was soon in total war with the dastardly Reddy Bokka (Abhimanyu Singh). Bokka Reddy is a goon who is manic evil, not to stop at nothing to inflict suffering on the poor. Yes, RGV, you get the point - you;re really able to film that feels like a wedding scene Karan Johar (quote your own words) unspeakable. The injured party, headed by Pratap, are now screaming bloody revenge against the atrocities Bokka Reddy;s. So yesterday Sivaji Rao (Shatrughan Sinha), the superstar has now launched a political party and who understands what a powerful ally Pratap can be in the region.
The movie is apparently trying to put things in perspective and fill in the black blacker than they are to make the best look in shades of gray. But excess gore obscures the rest of your content in the film - are interesting moments, but too few and far between. There;s just when you start to enjoy it, thumbnails deadpan laugh political arena of the PA at the time - with the entry of Sivaji - it;s beginning to end. The reason for our audience is interested in the film because of the knowledge of all the drama. The theater is that you get less, and you wish the film had balanced its priorities better. Brilliant casting aid the cause of dry humor, sometimes thrown into Vivek Oberoi looks spicy and allows you interested in life's journey Pratap. Kota and Tanikella are in roles they could sleep-walk through.
Abhimanyu Singh is likely to be seen in an infinite abundance of Telugu villain roles now. Shatrughan Sinha should have been presented earlier, and he brings in a large puzzle to a role that is really on the periphery of history. And for those waiting for a mention of Surya, you will need to wait for Part 2 of the film - there;s a teaser of his character worrying about time. The film has a look that;s deliberately mold a plus. Threat and music adds to the ambiance. See, if Gore is your current mood, but if you;re curious about what really happened in Anantapur, so let us wait for someone to write a book.


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