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i'm sorry mathe banni prethsona - kannada movie review

i'm sorry mathe banni prethsona - kannada movie review

IT IS EXCELLENT: Score - 4/5
BANNER: Picture Gate
CAST: Premkumar, Karishma Tanna, Sanjana, Amritha, Anand, Dilipraj, Tabla Naani, Krithika, Vinayaprasad, Sumithramma and others
MUSIC: Anoop Seelin
PRODUCERS: Vinay Narkar

STORY: It is all about the suspicion of the husband on the character of his wife and repenting finally at the Intensive Care Unit. The life of Shyam (Premkumar) with Chetana (Karishma Tanna) is in shock and dismay when he poses a challenge to the aristocratic prostitute Sinchana (Sanjaana). It is all because of a mobile that he finds and gets in to the den of Sinchana where she operates a high level brothel.

The clean and tidy guy Shyam repents for coming to the place to hand over the mobile. At this place Sinchana challenges to prove his loyalty with one of her customers. For this challenge of Sinchana the clean Shyam ask her to give up her business in turn.

The customer which Sinchana is referring to is Geetha. Shyam on the other hand taking up the challenge comes to know that Geetha is married and truthful to her husband but yet she is managing in the brothel business because of some circumstances. The shock even for the audience starts from now on.

The suspicion is large in the mind of Shyam. He doubts his wife might be the candidate which he is supposed to meet that is Geetha. The suspicion looms large because on five occasions Geetha misses meeting Shyam. On another occasion on the pretext of an injury to right knee Geetha abstain from meeting. In the house of Shyam he finds his own wife is injured in the right knee.

The suspicion builds up stronger and stronger in the mind of Shyam on his wife. On the first year of marriage anniversary Chetana invite her husband that she wants to disclose secret of her life. Chetana produces the X-ray reports that she is at the advanced stage of Brain Tumour. Now it is a different shock for Shyam. He decides in his mind what a costly mistake he has done.

At the intensive care unit where Chetana is lying on the death bed Shyam explains the suspicion in his mind but Chetana does not react. She is dead. At another place Sinchana holding a photograph fires it from a match stick saying Shyam over the phone that her important customer is no more.

ANALYSIS: In the first attempt HP Ravindra is brilliant and is outstanding in his narration in ‘I am Sorry…Mathe Banni Pritsona’. He has the style and substance. Whatever he has talked about his film so much is true and he deserves congratulation for making a tidy wholesome entertainer.

He has selected the right artists – especially Premkumar and Karishma Tanna, the music is at high level from Anoop Seelin and cinematography at the extraordinary level from Ashok Kashyap.

The way in which screenplay is drafted and shots are divided HP Ravindra workaholic attitude deserves Kudos. Right from the first meet of Shyam and Chetana in the Architecture establishment he starts sowing interest for the audience. Finally when Sinchana lit the photograph, the strong doubt and heavy heart the audience carries is the major plus point of HP Ravindra attentive work.

There are quite a few inconsequential situations and in the height of love between Shyam and Sinchana approaching the private detective is not a good thought. The mobile phones could do such works and the activity of his wife Shyam could have gathered in self investigation.

This director HP Ravindra knows how to keep the audience in the edge of the seat from his family entertainer subject. He caters to all class of audience in the city bred population. He is sophisticated and like a butter he has sketched the character of female protagonist Karishma Tanna.


 Anoop Seelin in the music and Ashok Kashyap in the cinematography are in a competition to give the best. There are half a dozen good songs out of ten songs Anoop Seelin has scored. Onchuru Kotbide….is racy and ultramodern on the beach side, Tangali Mykodavi….Yee Preethi Subanallah…..O Darling Nangu Ningu Agoithu Zuzuba…..Haayagi Yee Pritiya….in the sad mood are in high quality.

Ashok Kashyap the Dada of Cinematography is surely going to be in the competition for awards. Whether is pitch dark, interiors or lush green locations Ashok Kashyap has done a pretty good job.

The editing and production values are at the top class of this film.

LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST: Wife is Life don’t think she is Knife! Watch I am Sorry Mathe Banni Pritsona….without fail.

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