Thursday, October 28, 2010

yaksha movie review - A kannada film review

yaksha movie review - A kannada film review

Nothing Magical

Yaksha-YogishIs director Ramesh R Bhagawat a first timer? Well, he certainly acts like a fanboy amongst celebs who just can’t hide his excitement of actually being in the company of likes of Nana Patekar and he makes them do all kinds of embarrassing things. In one scene, Nana Patekar puts a gun on a baddy’s head and makes him repeat his “Ek Machchar Admi Ko Hizda Bana Deta Hai” dialogue, and that too making the baddy look straight into the camera.
That’s why they call Nana Patekar a great actor; the man doesn’t show even an iota of embarrassment enacting this tasteless scene.
But director Ramesh R Bhagawat doesn’t feel any embarrassment with such scenes it seems. In fact, the man might even believe that those are his creative masterstrokes that’ll floor the viewers and he heaps plenty of these ‘celebrity reference’ scenes on you at the drop of a hat. In one scene, Yogish is called ‘Magic Star’ by his brother in the film (for the uninitiated, Yogish is actually called Magic Star by his fans. This truth dawned upon me while I was gaping aimlessly at his cutout in Nartaki theatre). In another scene, somebody complements Master Hirannayya on his prowess of speaking against politicians, when his character in this film does nothing remotely connected to politics and politician bashing.
You see, it’s that kind of film, where everything is played for the masses, except that the masses may not be there in the theatre to witness that. Every character is in cut throat competition with each other to mouth dramatic, filmy dialogues (you almost expect them to look straight back into the camera for your whistles!) and everybody moves around in slow motion with a gun in their hand, just for that effect.
The trump card of the film Nana Patekar does well, but even his legendary talent will be insufficient to save this dud, and his Kannada accent, although a nice try, is hard to bear. Yogish’s acting is like his physique; it sometimes looks stylish and sometimes just weak. The heroine Ruby Parihar appears in 5 songs and in lesser number of scenes and it works out just fine for everyone concerned.
What else can we say, the rating says it all.


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