Monday, June 13, 2011

After 'Dragon' now Thriller Manju as 'Mr.Cheater'

Thriller Manju as 'Mr.Cheater'
Sitting pretty with a film to his credit in just 12 hours ‘Police Story-3’ Thriller Manju is now playing a title role in ‘Mr Cheater’. He is not directing the film but acting in it.

It is for Nargis Movies fourth film Thriller Manju has accepted to act. Nargis Movies in the past produced Friends, Naradha Vijaya and Dragon. Thriller Manju was ‘Dragon’ hero and he continues here in the fourth film for Nargis Movies.

Ha Su Rajasekhar the veteran in the direction department in Kannada filmdom is directing this ‘Mr Cheater’. Seshagiri has done the story and written the dialogues. Narayan is the cameraman.

Thriller Manju heads the star cast but there are two talented actors in the film – Naveen Krishna and Thilak. The film is going on the floor on 23rd of this month says producer Valli of Nargis Movies.


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