Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Google issued statement on new Indian web rules

There are two main opinions in India today, a controversial new rules that require Web sites to make certain types of Internet content are disgusting. The first Indian defended the rules. Now Google, which declined to comment on the proposal of the Ministry of Web rules memo in February,  came out with a statement.

“We believe that a free and open Internet is essential for the growth of digital economy and safeguarding freedom of expression. If Internet platforms are held liable for third party content, it would lead to self-censorship and reduce the free flow of information. The regulatory framework should ideally help protect Internet platforms and people’s abilities to access information,” said the statement issued late Wednesday by the company.

The company also said it wanted to focus on their participation in a public consultation process that included input from many industry groups and civil society organizations. The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday on Google's objections to Indian Internet regulation came into force last month.


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