Monday, June 13, 2011

Renukacharya to make film on Yeddyurappa

BANGALORE: If all goes according to plan, Minister for Excise M P Renukacharya, who led the dissidence activities and then donned the trouble-shooter’s role, will make a film on Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa.

Renukacharya has roped in director S V Rajendra Singh Babu, who had handled the megaphone for politics-oriented film Antha, to prepare a script and select suitable artistes for the film.

Its script will be based on the political life and achievements of Yeddyurappa.
Does Renukacharya want to use this film to win the Chief Minister’s favour? “No, I have no such intention. I have decided to produce the film with no vested interest,’’ says Renukacharya.

What made him embark on this new mission? “I got the inspiration from the Chief Minister who has been striving for the betterment of poor and farmers in Karnataka.
I want to project the Chief Minister as a role model for politicians. I think Yeddyurappa deserves it,” explains Renukacharya.

The Minister has made it clear that he is yet to get the Chief Minister’s nod for this film. “I am confident of getting his approval. Yeddyurappa and his family know me well and I think there will be no problems in getting permission from him,” says Renukacharya.

When contacted, director Babu said he has no plans to have Yeddyurappa as one of the stars in this film. “I am busy preparing the script. I had accepted it when minister Renukacharya offered me this film,” says Babu.



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