Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dushta Kannada Movie Review


BANNER: Sri Cheluvambika Productions
TITLE: Dushta
CAST: Pankaj, Surabhi, Veeresh, Uday, Ajay, Chandrsekhar, Master Havan, Parvathi Venkatesh, Shashikala Hangaal, Lakshmidevi,Ravikumar, Ravidranath, Jayasri Ganesh and others
PRODUCER: Smt Bhagyavathi S Narayan

'Dushta' is the travails and tribulations of the young lovers. Both are innocent to the extreme. They face the brunt of complex emphasized by the elders in their life.

Isha (Pankaj) an illiterate but honest, obedient and robust after the birth is announced that Parvathi (Surabhi) a relative is the match in love. Innocent Isha takes this seriously but the rich and poor barricade, caste is a big strain for the innocent lovers. Isha is framed on a charge for one year imprisonment. On his return Parvathi goes for imprisonment on false charges. On the forceful marriage day Parvathi husband comes drunk and misbehave. When Parvathi pushes the forced husband in her life he collapses. So Parvathi is sentenced to imprisonment.

On hearing this shocking news Isha also goes to jail again beating a cop. His intention is to meet Parvathi in the women cell. The struggle what Isha makes touches the heart of a prison cop. Isha and Parvathi are given a chance to escape. This becomes very costly in their life that finally take the life of the two when hunt all round begins.

ANALYSIS: The multifaceted dialogues S Narayan has taken very harsh realities in his film and makes it to look with heavy heart. Every scene has a force but such height of framing the scenes is over dosage for the family audience.

Somewhere, sometime such developments might have taken place. When transmitting on silver screen it should be toned down. The crude realities, screaming of all the characters are overdose.

Director S Narayan has given soft film for family in the past and this is outstanding in his career because of the force that are fierce sometime. The building up of characters and making them very strong, director S Narayan has worked hard. He has taken good work from the new artistes. For the sophisticated people this is a new turn. Innocence to the extreme, power of protagonist is understandable.

What is not understandable is that the protagonist taking it seriously as child that Parvathi is born to be his partner. This is quite extreme thought of the director.

The selection of locations, nativity given a good scope, the songs handled in the film and performances - director S Narayan has taken full credit. His dialogues are very good and the accent of Kannada language is new to the Kannada audience.

PERFORMANCE: This is the best performance of Pankaj. He has proved that he can stand as an action hero. The dialogues, force in his character rugged looks, innocence all are convincing. Surabhi is convincing in a sweet role.

The new artists have done what the director has told. The dialogues sometimes of the newcomerc dubbing is not pleasant to the ears.

TECHNICALITY: S Narayan has done a splendid work as music director. Prema Prema......Sneha Sneha.....Yeesa O Yessa I love you....Jinke O Jinke....are well sung and tuned. The new singers S Narayan has used are having good voice.

Jagadish Wali in his camera work has given pretty good job. The outdoor shots for him is too much in this film. Jagadish Wali is a cameraman to watch in the coming days.

There is very good editing for the film and continuity is not missing. The flash back technique jells well with the film.

LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST: Life is larger than Love


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