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Johny Mera Naam : Movie Review kannada


BANNER: Jayanna Combines
TITLE: Johny Mera Naam
CAST: Vijay, Ramya, Rangayana Raghu, Sharan, Achyuthkumar, Dattanna, Sadhu Kokila and others
MUSIC: V Harikrishna
PRODUCERS: Jayanna and Bogendra
DIRECTION: Preetham Gubbi

 'Johny Mera Naam....Preethi Mera Kaam' is not just a love story of male and female protagonist. It is beyond that. The love to the people extended by Johny in his Gandhi colony with his team is something unusual. Johny is a deal master but he is good for good and bad for bad.

(Music director V Harikrishna has given four lovely tunes and all of them well sung by the singers. The opening song Eradu Shirt Button Bichkondu....Don't you know I am sexy...Ellavannu Helisuva Nalagege...Yaava Seemeya Mayagaathiye....are sure to reach the hearts of music lovers.)

In this Gandhi colony comes Priya (Ramya). She has returned from America but her attitudes are very much Indian. Johny is bowled over by the beauty of Priya. He knows that he is local and Priya is international. He is black in complexion and she is white like a butter scotch ice cream.

How to win the heart of Priya becomes a task for Johny. Coming very close to Priya by doing good work and some social work in his colony Johny decide to express his love. He takes the help of liquor. He screams in front of Priya house but unfortunately Priya is not there to hear it. Priya taking a walk at this time suspects the drunken status of Johny on that night.

When father of Priya comes with a match for Priya some more developments takes place. Johny knows how to get rid of the intruder from America. Doing so much for Priya the only aspiration of Johny is to make her as his life partner. At this stage Priya introduced Rakesh as her boy friend who is a find in the net chatting.

Director Preetham Gubbi at this point of time opens up another surprise. But the situation heats up for the members of Johny in his colony. All is well in the end for Priya and Johny. Priya explains to her headweight father that she is immensely in love with Vijay. She abandon her journey to USA and joins Johny.

ANALYSIS: Director Preetham Gubbi has given a stunner in Johny Mere Naam... He has madea beautiful screenplay. Every now and then he meets the demands of the masses with lovely scenes.

Right from the start director Preetham Gubbi takes note of the image of Vijay. He has shown him look very bright on the screen and given good opportunity for him to perform. The comedy, sentiment, action, lively songs, lovely locations are all the hall mark of this well made entertainer.

The portions of Rangayana Raghu, Vijay, Ramya, Dattanna are well carved. Others in the film carry out the film with ease. Preetham Gubbi is a close viewer of other language films it seems. He has made the film look never lag throughout. The first half is good entertainer from quick performances. The second half takes more time to come to a solution to the issues rather late.

The team work is seen in every frame of the film in 'Johny Mere Naam...Preethi Mere Kaam'. The set erected for this film in Mysore Kala Degula has come as a big help for the film.

The winners in this film are director Preetham Gubbi, cameraman Krishna, music director V Harikrishna, actors Ramya, Vijay, Rangayana Raghu, Dattanna, Achyuth Kumar.

PERFORMANCE: Ramya sizzles. it is not just excellence but magnificent too to see Ramya in such lovely costumes. The song Dont you Know I am sexy...Oorigella a top song of the film because the appearance of Ramya in tight and close costumes. She was never before in this song - a dream song of the hero. This is the song that makes the entire theatre go in slience. Ramya in four costumes for this film looks the most glamorous.

Her performance, hairdo, dialogue delivery are also very good. This is a different kind of role for action hero Vijay. The make up for Vijay has given him extra edge. Like how we have not seen Ramya in such glamorous costumes, audience have not seen Vijay in such make up. There is enough of action, comedy, sentiment for Vijay to expose his talent.

Rangayana Raghu is another screen stealer. In the get of a teacher the woman costume for Rangayana Raghu makes the audience to laugh every now and then. Dattanna in the company of female Rangayana Raghu is equally good.

Achyuth Kumar, Rakesh, Sharan are tremendous in their roles.

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