Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Shivarajakumar birthday celebrations details

At the 49th birthday celebrations the fans thronged at Shivarajakumar residence in huge and police used the lathis to clear the commotion. The fans came with cakes and 49th birthday boy Shivarajakumar cut ever cake with patience.

The first cake Shivanna cut was brought by the children of the family. Shivarajakumar and Raghavendra Rajakumar spent a few minutes chatting with the children.

Shivarajakumar was presented a T shirt that had symbol of V on it. Srinagara Kitty, Nagashekar, Gurudut, Edakallu Chandrasekhar, KP Srikanth and family members were present and the presence outside the house of Shivarajakumar was something huge.

On Monday evening at the Jogaiah publicity meet at 37 crescent hotel 4th floor Shivarajakumar politely declined to cut the cake as he believed in what the elders said – in advance happy birthday should not celebrated. Actress Rakshitha, husband of director Prem cut the cake and then offered it to Shivarajakumar. Shivarajakumar released the caps, T shirts, 3D posters of the film ‘Jogaiah’. For this birthday a month later ‘Jogaiah’ is releasing in 250 centers.

The darling of masses Shivarajakumar is also darling of producers is what the spree of films shows. Take a look at the series of films Shivarajakumar signed. After completing ‘Lakshmi’ for Bharani Minerals, Shivarajakumar is taking up ‘Shiva’. The film for Chytra Lakshman Kumar ‘Asthu’, a film for producers Ramesh Yadav, Sanjay SL, K Prabhakar, Soorappa Babu, Mysore Krishna, Ramu’s ‘Simha’, director Pannagabharana ‘Madhuve Impossible’ are in the queue.


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