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Vengai : Tamil Movie Review

Vengai : Tamil Movie Review

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Cast: DhanushTamannah, Rajkiran, Prakashraj
Music: devi Sri Prasad
Direction: Hari
Production: Vijaya Productions

Director Hari is known for his mass commercial films. He is known for rendering films that are engrossing and entertaining. Hari's Venghai has aroused great expectations for it involves Dhanush, who won the National Award for best actor. After Singham, all eyes are now on Venghai. Check out what the movie is all about.


It is a simple and straightforward story quite typical of his earlier movies. It is a tale of father-son affection and chronicles the battle between a angry young man and a corrupt politico. There is a bit of romance and humour too in Venghai. Selvam (Dhanush) is the son of Veerapandi (Rajkiran).

Veerapandi is a do-gooder in a village in Sivaganga district. Thanks to his support, Prakashraj affectionately called as Annachi, becomes the MLA.Veerapandi gets a promise from him that he would do only good things for the people. However Prakashraj tries to do all illegal activities to make money and wield his power. Veerapandi stands in between him. Understanding that his angry young son Selvam will take things in his hands, Veerapandi sends him to Tiruchy.

There he comes across Radhika (Tamannah), his childhood friend. Its romance between them. But the corrupt MLA (Prakashraj) wants to settle score with Veerapandi and sends his men to Tiruchy to bump off his son Selvam. Turn of events results in him becoming a Minister and he vows to end Veerapandi. Enters Selvam. He throws a challenge to the politician. It's now cat and mouse between them. Who emerges the winner is thye rivetting climax.


A racy and rivetting movie. Hari has infused commercial elements at the right moments in the movie. As like any other Hari movie, it proceeds at hectic pace and there are no dull moments in the film. The father-son affection is brought out in a right manner. The story may not be new to the masses, but it has enough elements to work out magic on the audience. However songs are a brake to the proceedings in the movie. The on-screen chemistry between Dhanush and Tamannah are brought out well. Watch out for the climax. Hari is good at coming out with thrilling moments that leaves a surprise on the audience.


Hari is good at handling mass themes. He begins from where he left in SIngham. The razor sharp dialogues and slick editing adds strength to the film. Cinematography by Vetri is top-class capturing the village beauty well, while Dervi Sri Prasad's music is racy and roaring. While the movies begins slowly, it gathers speed as it progresses.


Dhanush rocks big time in the role of an angry young man. He is at ease not just in stunt sequences, but equally good in romance and emotional sequences. Dhanush shoulders a major responsibility in the film. He delivers it with consummate ease.

Tamannah is apt for the role. She is bubbly and cherubic. Interestingly she comes in traditional pavadai thavani all through oozing right glamour. Prakashraj as corrupt politician is tailor-made for the role. However there are enough comical elements brought out by him. He reminds one of his role in Ghilli. Ganja Karuppu does evoke some humour. But the scene stealer is Rajkiran. He plays his part exceedingly well. he is solid in his performance. Anger, agony, frustration and love are brought out well by him.


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