Friday, September 2, 2011

Chandanavanadha Dore (SandalwoodKing) Shivanna's One more 'Brahmasmi'

 Now...After the Century film became CM and Brahmasmi! "Aham Brahasmi" propagated by Adhi Shankaracharaya is used repeatedly for the securities.

 V Ravichandran launch brother Balaji (Ishwar) said: "Aham Premasmi! Now it's "Brahmasmi" for Shivarajakumar - Genesis men. "Brahmasmi 'Shivarajakumar Chandanavanadha has a new crown" Dore - it means Lord of sandalwood! RK film Sanjay SL is the largest producer Kiran Kumar is the director. Chytra Lakshman Kumar, Gurukiran , Akshay is the team of this film. Meanwhile Shivarajakumar is "CM", with a line kicker is not the chief minister of the direction of Raghuram of "CNN." Shankar Gowda producer. This Trisha film are likely to play the female lead.


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