Sunday, November 27, 2011

MaduveMane - Utter Flop film Producer sells his own house

After the Disastrous Movie like "Eno Onthara" film where the producer lost everything he had,
same thing has happened for his another movie which released last month or this month.
Maduve mane stills

The movie got good reviews and an average good opening even that is not helping & giving the audience to watch that movie.

The film's Producer Rehman has now sold his Own house to for the debt's he took for the film's budget.

here's a report from a trusted website.

Maduve mane's Producer Rehman
"Golden star Ganesh and Shradda Arya starring Sunil kumar Singh directed recent Kannada film ‘Madhuve Mane’ has been very atrocious in the box office. Rs.5 crores plus film could not live up to the expectations. It is nearly Rs.3.5 crore loss for producer Rehman who made films like ‘Yajamana and Huchcha’ in the past.

The situation of producer Rehman is very sickening from the losses today. He has sold the only house he had for clearing the debts of ‘Madhuve Mane’ investment and producer K Manju took up the distribution of the film to save the skin of Rehman. Nothing happened and ‘Madhuve Mane’ is a big flop.

Producer Rehman physically weak from a recent accident is finding further pain with heavy losses from ‘Madhuve Mane’. The first week collection is not even Rs.50 lakhs all over Karnataka.

Distributor Manju has given assurance to the defaulters on behalf of producer Rehman. One such fellow who got assurance is financier KV Nagesh Kumar. "


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